Quite the year!

Blessings to you, dear brothers and sisters!


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Another Summer Update!

Greetings and a blessed Lord’s Day to you all!   Sorry that the site’s been so silent over the past year – much of the time and energy has been enjoying great teaching and preaching at Asheville Bible Church under Pastor Pat Leahy. It’s been quite a momentous year as we see the dilution or […]

Happy Summer!

Greetings, all! I hope your year has been a blessed one so far! While I’ve been quiet here on the site in recent weeks, rest assured that I’ve not been idle!

Definitive Christianity

It’s been my experience, both personally and throughout discussions with others, that a Christian’s lack of comprehension of terms which we consider common are in fact rich treasures to be uncovered, … as well as stumbling blocks to a proper perspective, preventing believers both new and old from laying hold of great confidences and comforts […]

No Grading on the Curve!

Another great sermon today from Pastor Leahy of Asheville Bible Church regarding the Gospel Message! And it got me thinking on some verses of Luke 19 that we visited – verses which point out the regard which our Lord has toward those who refuse to submit to His authority. Read more about the Lord’s Friends […]

Sleeper Agents

Another outstanding message from Pastor Pat Leahy of Asheville Bible Church, continuing the lessons in Luke 23! Today we heard the shining example of Joseph of Arimathaea – and of Nicodemus as well – who stepped up when all others were fled. Learn how these Secret Agent Christians risked everything in our side-along study “Going […]

Flows like a river!

Can’t stop the Word from going forth, brothers and sisters! Some thoughts on a great sermon on Luke 23 from Pastor Leahy of Asheville Bible Church, called: “The Grand Reveal!“

Where’s the map?

Happy new year, everyone! Glad to be back with a study on Joshua ch 3: vv2-5 entitled: “You Have Not Passed This Way Before!” I pray you find it edifying – may our Lord bless you today and every day!

… and we’re back after that short break!

Happy fall, brothers and sisters! Many apologies for the quiet of recent weeks – lots of things happening on this side that chewed up some time. Still are, in fact, but I’m excited to be back in front of the screen and posting once more.

Are you within – or without?

A fresh new study and a different consideration regarding that Day when the Holy Spirit, the Hinderer, is removed! Look Ye Not Outside for the Lord to withdraw the Holy Spirit from the world! Nay, brethren – look around your pews!!