… and we’re back after that short break!

Happy fall, brothers and sisters!

Many apologies for the quiet of recent weeks – lots of things happening on this side that chewed up some time. Still are, in fact, but I’m excited to be back in front of the screen and posting once more.

Saw a great Paul Washer quote:

“To the self-righteous, being judged according to deeds does not seem too alarming but to the man who knows himself the thought is terrifying.”

Amen to that truth!

I have a lot of studies to put my nose to, and I’ve been spending recent days thinking about how we celebrate freedom in Christ in our lives without losing sight of the joy of grateful obedience to the expressed will of the Father. Very exciting!

I pray God’s Hand and hedge around each and every one of you today and every day until we meet at His table!

Your brother in Christ-


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