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It is our prayer that you might find edification and blessing in considering the Word of God through these studies!

We start at the start! What is the Gospel? Are you a New Creation? Hear the Good News in all its fullness and power and be transformed!

In our study of Ezekiel’s Prince we examine some of the parallels one can find between the Prince of Ezekiel 47 and the Christ.

Many of our visitors come here through a search for “evil spirits.” In Mistress Cleo Is Clueless, we present a study dealing with God’s view of psychics and mediums.

For the Biblical viewpoint regarding spirits, ghosts and other powers and principalities, you’ll find much to consider in our study entitled “Evil Spirits.”

The perils of paraphrasing, of massaging Scriptures and “using contemporary religious idioms” (or Bible translations, for that matter) adds or removes from the Book, leads sheep astray and puts one in danger of the curses of God. See what you’re missing in “Why Words Matter.

Most Christians are content to grind along under the yoke of servitude to the Law, which Christ has freed them from and which the World and the Devil and their own unhappy consciences place on their shoulders … because they never truly understood what true salvation (and sanctification) by grace alone through faith had accomplished through Christ on their behalf. And, not understanding, they remained yet in darkness and bondage. Is this you? Grab hold of “Freedom In Christ!”

Cowardice in the Modern Age! How would Sinai play today? See if you can find yourself in our satire “The Ten Suggestions.”

The challenge of walking in faith when everything screams against it is the lesson of the Akedah, the tale of the Binding of Isaac in Genesis 22. Are you ready to abandon your good name for the Name of Christ? Read more in “L’Shana Tova!

Harsh reminders for today’s Comfortable Christian that this world is not our home – the Tribulum awaits!

The pews of today’s churches are filled with the unschooled listening to the unsaved preach about an un-God that is un-important to anyone in that room. We must carefully, systematically educate Christians in the core doctrines which are the fundamentals of the faith. We must have an answer when our new brothers and sisters ask of us: “What Now?

Modern advice from Micah for today’s Christian! Can the Word and the Church find common cause with the World? Learn the only way the Gospel reaches the unsaved in “What, then?

God did not save you so that He could love you. God did not save you because you clean up well. God did not save you because you could accomplish so much for the church. Surprised? Find out your true purpose in “You Are A Showpiece!

Here’s another study from way back, using Matthew 19 as a mirror to contrast our earthy cares and concerns with the far-reaching promises to Christ’s elect. Read more in “Loss And Gain!

Are there ways to engage a seeker with Biblical concepts and not beat them about the head with chapter and verse? That’s the topic of our consideration in “Who Is Your God?

Has the world stolen your prize and made you a captive once more? Find freedom in Christ! Read what God says about The Wisdom of the World!

Whose blood shall be upon your hands? Meet the consequences of the believer’s cowardice in “he 64,000he 64,000
English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

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English: King James Version (1611) - KJV

Izbrano poglavje ne obstaja! Štetje svetopisemskih vrstic se za?ne z 1! Vrstica 0 ne obstaja!

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