Get your shovels out!!!

Brothers and sisters, it is my pleasure to send you out for treasure with our latest study: “What’s In Your Backyard?“

Anoint Thine Eyes, That Thou Mayest See!

Getting hit hard today with HOLINESS, brothers and sisters! This prompted a brand-new study from the book of Hebrews. Is your walk weak? Is your testimony tainted? Is your faith feeble? Let the Lord remove the scales from your eyes! “Why Are We Blind?“

Jewish Weddings and the Feast of Tabernacles

For the Christian, everything is related to being wedded to Christ. Having a deeper understanding of first-century Jewish betrothal customs casts wonderful illumination upon the work and personage of Jesus – and upon believers as the Bride! Join us for Jewish Weddings and Prophetic Parallels!

Sound the horn, O Watchman!

Whose blood shall be upon your hands? Meet the consequences of the believer’s cowardice in “Life in the Millennium!“

Have you become a Prize?

Has the world stolen your prize and made you a captive once again? Find freedom in Christ! Read what God says about The Wisdom of the World!

Considering the attributes of God!

Some time ago, while reading C. S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity,” I found myself using concepts from that great work to lay out a logical framework in my mind with which one might engage in a discussion with a seeker and still expound Biblical concepts without overwhelming them with chapter-and-verse. To engage the mind, as it […]

Another from the vaults: Loss and Gain!

Today we present another study from way back, using Matthew 19 as a mirror to contrast our earthy cares and concerns with the far-reaching promises to Christ’s elect. Read more in “Loss And Gain!“

Now on Facebook & Twitter!

  We’re pleased to announce the rollout of Savior Sole’s new pages and both Facebook and Twitter! Thanks once again to our sister Ruth for suggesting it! We’re posting links to all the studies on the FB page (and I’ll be doing the same on Twitter shortly) so be sure to Like us, Follow us […]

Working on new features!

  I received a nice email this week from a reader with some good ideas, and wanted to let you know I’ll be looking into those this week. (more below the break….)

Happy Summer!

Greetings, brothers and sisters! I was pleased to join a group of believers in fellowship this week – it was most edifying and inspiring! It also called to mind that I haven’t been posting as often as I had intended, so I fondly returned and discovered I’d left a study half-completed and waiting to be […]